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Pete Hokanson - Rico's Cafe Featured Artist

August 03, 2023 until October 31, 2023

Come view our newest featured artist, Pete Hokanson, in Rico's Cafe now through October 31st!

Artist Bio: “I have always loved images, especially abstract or expressionistic images. Dissolved ink images are created by applying a solvent to the pages of National Geographic magazines, waiting a while, then carefully separating the pages, sometimes manipulating the images in the process. It is a wonderful process of discovery and an act of “seeing” what emerges from the altered images. Although many pages turn out much the same as the rest, the joy is in looking closely at the pages to find a portion of the image that presents itself to the imagination as something strangely familiar or abstractly pleasing in composition, color combinations, patterns of energy, or fanciful suggestion. Recently I have explored placing classic art images into the weird worlds of some of the dissolved ink images. I hope that you enjoy letting your imagination explore these images. Each title suggests what I have seen in the image, but your connection to the image is more important. Enjoy!”